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Besides administrative cost all proceeds will go to The Enter-Train-Meant Organization which is a wonderful not-for profit organization. I Joe L. Stanford Jr wholeheartedly feel that people can make a difference. People want different, but for many hope is deferred. There is so much doubt in the air its like a cloud that reign and rule over the mind of even the most believing. Iv'e looked into the eyes of people I deem Faithful and I see weary. However we are the Sons and Daughters Of God and we will overcome. No More religion, No More boundaries. God Son made it through the night and so will we. Make purchases here to further work that aim toward uplifting and empowering people . I have never wavered from my purpose though it was challenging. I believe that like the Messiah was born to change the world. So were we! 


Enter-Train-Meant org

The Enter-Train-Meant Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to innovative strategies that will engage youth and adults. We will introduce Practical Applications from a Hybrid Educational Arts.

Our newly created curriculums will deliver interactive and engaging activities that will increase brain capacity and  an overall excitement while learning.We also intend to encourage physical health with our Sports, fitness, and nutritional Program.This we believe will combat the lawlessness and destructive nature of urban youth.  The Enter-Train-Meant Organization wants to offer a number job-ready candidate to combat the rising rate of unemployment.